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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a separate field of dentistry concerned with improving the appearance of teeth. Its development is a response to the demand from patients for a beautiful, white and shiny smile, which is particularly important nowadays.

Healthy but also beautiful smile does not only improve patient’s well­being, but is also one's mark, increases self-esteem and ensures success in private and professional life.
The dream esthetic effect is a result of comprehensive diagnosis and 
complex treatment in the scope of color, shape and positioning of teeth in the whole teeth arch.

In order to achieve a Hollywood smile our clinic provides:

⦁    teeth whitening
⦁    orthodontic correction of improper bites and teeth position
⦁    veneer or all-ceramic crowns

The decision about using particular treatment methods is taken by a doctor after thorough diagnosis and setting out the treatment plan which fulfils a patient's expectations.