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Endodontic (root canal) treatment concerns removing infected or dead pulp from a tooth chamber and root canals. The sought result of the treatment is achieved by mechanical widening and disinfection of root canals as well as their complete tight filling with special materials. In order to carry out root canal treatment properly, precise X-ray diagnostic is prerequisite. Therefore, all our offices have been equipped with the cutting-edge digital radiographic equipment by Planmeca.

Our clinic is also equipped with Digora system used to scan and obtain digital detailed X-ray images. Before beginning the treatment, it is important to determine the working length of the root canal space. Digital measurement of the root canal length is made by Root ZX apex locator of the Japanese Morita company. The device is considered to be one of the most precise apex locators by endodontic doctors all around the world.
Root canal treatment is time consuming and requires highly skilled doctor, experienced machine operator and costly instrumentarium.
It is worth noticing, though, that professionally carried out endodontic treatment allows to keep the endangered tooth for many years.