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Improper bites as well as other abnormalities in the area of the position and direction of teeth are not only an esthetic problem, butalso a serious health hazard. Proper teeth position decreases the susceptibility to decay, plaque forming and paradontitis while beautiful smile ensures success in professional and private life.

Orthodontic treatment is mainly based on using permanent dental braces. Removable braces are used only in smali children in the maturity period, because their operation is based on the employment of physiological forces beneficial for appropriate development of the chewing organ. The results of carefully carried out treatment by means of removable dental braces are always long-lasting.
Permanent braces are morę effective than removable braces and the duration of treatment using the former is significantly shorter. The braces can be used in young patients as well a in adult, irrespective of age.

Depending on medical and esthetic needs of the patient we recommend various types of dental braces:
Metal - precise, cheaper and giving a possibility to change one's image by using colorful ties suspending an arch.
Esthetic (elear) - madę of ceramics (in the color of teeth) or crystal (sapphire), the only entirely transparent brackets, less conspicuous but also less mechanically durable.
Titanium - meant for patients allergic to nickel
Lingual - these braces are placed behind the teeth (tongue side), which makes them invisible to other people.
Orthodontic treatment using permanent braces takes about 2 years and gives great effeets.