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Beautiful smile consists of both healthy teeth and healthy gums. Many people suffer from paradontosis, which is a disease of periodontic tissues. Chronic inflammation of gums leads to the so called gum recession, and in consequence to the exposure of teeth roots. As a result, teeth become loose and may fall out.

In early phase of paradontosis the only symptom is the inflammation of gums caused by bacterial plaque and dental calculus. Gums are then swelled and bleed even during gentle brushing. These symptoms are often ignored and patients seek medical help only when a seemingly healthy tooth becomes loose and starts to hurt. It is usually already too late. Only healthy periodontium can securely hold teeth in their sockets.

How to prevent paradontosis?

Regular and careful oral hygiene combined with removing plaque before it hardens is the best protection from paradontosis.

If paradontosis treatment begins at an early stage of the disease, a professional hygienic procedure of removing plaque and calculus from teeth surface will be sufficient. In the case of advanced stage of the disease, surgical procedure is necessary. Then, apart from cleaning the root surface from bacterial plaque and dental calculus, the correction of damaged gum and bone by using Emdogain, Bio-Oss and Bio-Gide regenerative materials is necessary. It is essential to remember that the treatment success depends to a large extent on the patient and regular oral hygiene. Regular check-ups and closely following doctor's instructions are necessary.