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The scope of prevention service includes cleaning teeth from plaque and calculus, dental fluoridation i.e. varnishing and sealing dental grooves and fissures.

The professional hygienic procedure is carried out by qualified dental hygienists at our clinic. It involves removing stains, plaque and calculus from subgingival (below the gum) and supragingival (above the gum) areas.
The abovementioned procedures are carried out using high quality equipment manufactured by the EMS company, which allows to perform procedures quickly, precisely and painlessly. In the case of possible teeth sensitivity, the anesthetic is applied.
Cleaning teeth regularly at the dentist's office every 6 months prevents decay and paradontosis allowing patients to enjoy healthy and beautiful smile for many years.
Dental fluoridation is recommended after teeth have been cleaned and treated. Fluoridation involves covering the surface of all teeth with fluorine varnish in order to strengthen enamel structure.
Additionally, children and young people are recommended to undergo groove sealing procedure, which protects teeth from decay.


Remember, prevention is better than treatment!