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Prosthetics is a field of dentistry concerned with replacing lost tooth tissues as well as single or multiple teeth. Even one missing tooth can be a problem of the aesthetic and functional nature. Teeth form a complex set, and even one missing tooth contributes to the development of bite abnormalities, teeth shift, passive eruption of opposing teeth and bone atrophy. In the view of the aforementioned facts it becomes clear that taking the decision on substituting the missing tooth is extremely important.

The scope of prosthetic services includes making:

⦁    crown-root canal restorations
⦁    crowns with metal made base
⦁    all-ceramic crowns of Procera type
⦁    Zirconia, Wieland, Lava all-ceramic crowns
⦁    bridges
⦁    Inlay and onlay fillings
⦁    Complete dentures, partial dentures, tissue-borne and immediate dentures
⦁    Prosthetic substitutes based on implants