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X-ray (digora system)

With regard to comfort of our Patients each office has been equipped with an X-ray scanner by Planmeca company used to take dental X-ray images (periapical).

Special plates read by Digora scanner are used to take X-ray images, which are then transferred to a computer screen and can be processed using computer software.

Thanks to it we are able to obtain digital images instantly after the X-ray scan has been made. Therefore, the patient does not have to leave the dentist's office and X-ray imaging can be done during one appointment.

The X-ray equipment is exceptionally safe to Patients, due to minute exposure to radiation (more than 10 times smaller in comparison to traditional X-ray images recorded on film).



The most technologically advanced device in our clinic a CT scanner used for 3D imaging. It allows to safely plan procedures, in particular implant procedures, by allowing to run a computer simulation on a screen by means of computer software.
The device is used for computer navigation, which ensures safety of the procedure and shortens its duration.